wasps nest removal

Wasps Nest Removal 

wasps nest removal season

When are wasps nests active? 

The wasp nest season starts from early April, right through to late October. EPM offer wasps nest removal services to tackle situations in beer gardens, houses and businesses.

Where can they be found?

Wasp nests can be found in gardens, compost bins, eves of properties, and underground, and many other locations.

Wasps Nest Removal Advice –

Do not attempt the disturb the nest as any vibrations to the nest will cause the queen to let off a pheromone which commands the workers to attack, once in that mode they will search and sting any near by movement weather it be a dog, horse or human ect.

A wasp nest should be handled with care, our trained professional is fully trained and equipped to deal with any wasp situation which arises.

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